Buckthorn Control Demo October 8th at Fertile Nature Center

Submitted by AELC

Buckthorn is a non-native invasive shrub/tree that has taken over many wooded areas. It outcompetes other plants and turns woodlots into a monoculture with very limited diversity and wildlife value. Control is best done early before it gets out of hand. The Univ. of MN-Crookston Natural Resources Club will lead a buckthorn removal demonstration project on Friday, Oct. 8th from 1-6 p.m. at the Fertile Nature Center. The public is welcome to attend to learn how to identify and control buckthorn and help out if so inclined.

Laura Bell, UofMN-Crookston Natural Resources Dept Lab Manager and Natural Resources Club Team Advisor will provide information about buckthorn’s life cycle including the viability of seeds that need to be controlled for several years. Buckthorn grows from seeds or suckers. The control method to be demonstrated will be to cut the buckthorn at its base and apply a chemical to the stump that the plant will take down into its roots and kill it, thus preventing suckering if the plant was only cut.

Buckthorn keeps its leaves later into the fall than nearly any other shrub or tree, thus it is readily easy to identify. Buckthorn has taken over the understory of the Duckstad Woods and has spread along the Sand Hill River. It is not as common yet in the Fertile Sand Hills and the Agassiz ELC invites volunteers to help control the spread of this aggressive invasive species to keep it from overtaking our more desirable natural species. If you have any questions about the program or would like to be involved in ongoing buckthorn control, contact Agassiz ELC Executive Director Wayne Goeken at 218-280-0516.

For more information contact Wayne Goeken at 218-280-0516 or wgoekenmn@gmail.com.