ECFE program is digging Crookston’s parks

Mike Christopherson
Crookston Times

    Crookston’s Early Childhood Family Education program is utilizing Crookston’s many City parks in a major way, primarily through ECFE’s weekly Friday morning class, known as “Wide Open Spaces” that has families gathering to enjoy various parks around town.

    ECFE’s Gina Gunderson notes that Castle Park in the corner of Sampson’s Addition has been a particularly popular destination for multiple reasons. For one, the trees provide a nice windbreak, but the children also like all of the things to explore in the park, such as the house of sticks and new pathways. They also like to balance on fallen trees, Gunderson notes.

    The Wide Open Spaces group has also visited Schuster Park, Ray Ecklund Complex and Eugene Field Park.

    Gunderson is thankful for all of the parks, and thanks the City of Crookston for keeping them maintained and updated with new playground equipment.

    “Outdoor play is good for your child’s physical health, development, and self-confidence,” she says. “Children learn vital life skills and it’s important for the whole family’s health and happiness as well as being fun.”

Violet Amiot checks out the bench in Castle Park during a Friday morning Wide Open Spaces ECFE class.
Beth Capistran, Ruby Amiot, and Audrey Donarski ride a swing.
Kids in ECFE’s “Wide Open Spaces” class are pictured in Ray Ecklund Complex (formerly Highland Park), next to the Crookston Splash Park.