Dance Team Places Third in Conference Tournament

Natalie Dillon
Crookston Times

The Crookston Pirates dance team placed third in the conference tournament on Friday, December 3. This was the first time in 21 years that Crookston has placed in the tournament. 

Head coach Grace Espinosa was proud of her girls not only for their performance but also for their potential. 

“They all went above and beyond and nailed the routine,” Espinosa said. “I’m so proud of them. The most exciting part about it is this was only the first competition. This season will have amazing things in store for this team!” 

The girls battled adversity in the week preceding competition, as they had to learn a whole new routine in just three practices. Espinosa could tell her team had some nerves, but they prevailed, nonetheless. 

The dance team is back in action at Frazee on Friday, December 17 at 6:30 p.m. 

The Pirates Dance team places third. Back row L-R: Morgyn Larson, Calleigh Fanfulik, Adalyn Hanson, Amelia Cordova, Evelyn Gunderson, Avery Mathews, coach Grace Espinosa and managers Kayla Brekken and Emily Shea. 
Front Row L-R: Mackenzie Funk, Brea Lessard, Kendra Brekken, Leila Bautista andAvery Trudeau.
The Dance team completes their routine.
The dancers in a kickline.