Men's, Women's Cross Country Places 31, 35 in Region

Natalie Dillon
Crookston Times

The University of Minnesota Crookston men’s and women’s cross country teams placed 30th and 35th respectively in Central Region Championship on Saturday, November 6.  

For both the men’s and women’s division, Augustana University won the regional championship. 

Hankokh Gailson led the men’s team with a time of 33:23.80. Colton Uber finished behind him with a time of 34:21.65, while Tristan Morneault came in at 35:25.58. Both Chris Feldewerd and Warden Dahlgreen finished in the 37th minute with times of 36:21.52 and 36:39.78, respectively. 

For the women’s team, Anna Grabowski paced the Golden Eagles with a time of 24:51.70. Madison Elijah finished behind her with a time of 26:33.19, while three Golden Eagles finished in the 29th minute. Nicole Schilling, Brooke Benson and Katie Orth had times of 28:11.78, 28:25.32 and 28:55.30, respectively. Alex Christen came in behind the cluster at 29:41.06, while Rena Saka rounded the team out with a time of 29:45.30. 

The highest finish for the men’s team this year was 5th at University of Jamestown, but their best finish was 7 of 15 at St. Olaf College. 

The women’s best performances came at Moorhead and St. Olaf where they finished 8 of 9 and 14 of 15, respectively. 

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