School Board approves lighting for tennis courts

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

    Crookston School Board recently approved new lighting for two of the eight tennis courts at the high school and they’ve received a donation from Pirate Boosters to make it happen. Superintendent Jeremy Olson told the Board he had received bids and recommended only doing one section on the southern end of the courts mostly due to cost.

    Olson also mentioned that having the lights on the southern end would be the safest option as it would alleviate someone from having to walk through the dark complex to get to a lit portion of the courts.

    RBB Electric was the lowest bidder at $48,700 for the southern end and Olson says he hopes they’ll be able to put in some type of button to activate the light so people can get safely in and out of the courts.

    At one point the Boosters had committed a donation to add lighting to the baseball field, but the project fell through with the City of Crookston. The Boosters then suggested the school district take the donation for another project, said Olson.

    School board chair Frank Fee asked about a timer for the lights and Olson said a timer could be looked at in the future if it was being misused. Board member Mike Theis wondered about security cameras to monitor “tomfoolery” and added a question on warranty information about the LED lights to which Olson answered he did not have that information at that moment.