Pirate swimmers compete in Detroit Lakes Pentathlon

Times Report
Crookston Times

    At the Pirates swimming season opener in Detroit Lakes, Crookston High School finished in 7th place with 18 points out of the seven teams competing. The swimmers competed in the 50-yard Butterfly, 50-yard Backstroke, 50-yard Breaststroke, 50-yard Freestyle, and 100-yard IM.

    Pirates swimmer Madison Hoiland ranked in the top 20 for the 2021 Laker Pentathlon Individual Rankings. Hoiland recorded 18 points while the top ranked swimmer from Detroit Lakes recorded 107 points.

    At the meet, in the Butterfly competition, Madison Hoiland finished 16th with a time of 32.93, Naomi Olson at 34.82, Chloe Boll at 37.42, Mackenzie Aamoth at 38.99, Evelyn Gunderson at 43.20, Abigail Olson at 44.89, Lily Groven at 48.92, and Elizabeth Helgeson at 56.62.

    In the Backstroke competition, Aamoth recorded a time of 36.75, Hoiland at 36.82, Boll at 41.58, N. Olson at 43.28, A. Olson at 44.75, Helgeson at 45.83, Gunderson at 46.36, Groven at 47.30, Hailey Richardt at 52.29, and Mollie Samuelson at 1:00:03.

    In the Breaststroke competition, Hoiland finished 12th with a time of 37.92, Aamoth at 47.41, N. Olson at 49.62, and Gunderson at 57.00. Boll at 58.04 and Groven were disqualified among eight others from other schools.

    In the Freestyle competition, Hoiland finished 17th with a time of 29.15, Boll at 31.05, Aamoth at 32.23, N. Olson at 33.48, A. Olson at 37.04, Gunderson at 37.70, Helgeson at 41.50, Groven at 41.73, Richardt at 46.58, and Samuelson at 59.21.

    In the IM competition, Aamoth recorded a time of 1:25.91, N. Olson at 1:28.74, Helgeson at 1:53.85. Boll and Gunderson were disqualified among seven others from other schools.