New football coach Nate Lubarski - 'When you find success, you’ll find success as a team'

Pending School Board approval, Nate Lubarski will be the new Pirates head football coach

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

    This year’s Crookston Pirates football motto will be “TEAM” and new coach Nate Lubarski says that’s something he hopes all his players take seriously. Lubarski was recommended for the head coach job and the final decision is still pending School Board approval, but he attended his first PAC (Parents-Athletes-Coaches) Monday to connect with interested student-athletes.

    Lubarski is no stranger to football coming from a football family where his dad coached in Argyle from 1977-1983 and having played high school football himself until graduating in 1993. He went on to play for the University of North Dakota from 1993-1997 and, since moving to Crookston, has coached youth football for around the last 10 years.

    “I helped Chris Trostad, initially, at the varsity level and then coached flag football at the university (UMN Crookston) with Parks & Rec,” Lubarski explained. “Then I coached 5th and 6th grade, then 7th and 8th grade, then varsity with Scott Butt, too.”  

    “I know a lot of the kids from the weight room or from coaching or just being around them,” he added. “I’ve coached CYBA (Crookston Youth Basketball Association), too, and I know a fair amount of kids and a fair amount of parents here.”

    Lubarski said he’s fortunate that the football coaching staff will remain mostly in tact with defense coordinator Darin Zimmerman, offensive coordinator David Hennings, special teams’ Brett Brenden, strength and conditioning’s Dan Rooney, plus 7th and 8th grade coaches Jeremy Lubinski, Tim Moe, Dan Halland and Don Edlund, plus volunteer Bryan Boll.

    Will Coach Lubarski be trying anything different or new this year? He says he may have a little philosophy change, but a lot will be the same such as play design and getting together to figure out what works best for all.

    “As of right now, what I told our players and parents, is our motto will be strictly TEAM,” Lubarski confirmed. “It’s important to have a team mentality; everything you do during football season will have a positive or negative effect on the whole team; it’s more than just on the individual.”

    “We’ll teach that every day, day in and day out,” he added. “That will be something we take very seriously. When you find success you’ll find success as a team, and that will be very gratifying.”

    When asked by the Times what he thinks of the proposed idea of the Pirates getting their own sports facility with a new track and football field, Lubarski, who is also on the special facility committee, said he’s in favor.

    “I’d like the Pirates to have their own facility for the longevity of it,” he described. “It’s your own place, a place you can call home. It will certainly be for multi-sport use with soccer, maybe softball, and track more so than football because we don’t have a track. For the track athletes that’s been difficult especially since we’ve lost out on a couple things.”

    “We would want to build it correctly so we can host the right kind of games with the right seating capacity and be in line to host bigger things like tournaments and sections,” Lubarski continued. “I know it’s a large project and a lot of dollars, but if you’re going to commit do it the right way.”

    Practice starts for varsity Pirate football Monday, August 16 and their first home game at Ed Widseth Field is September 2 against Osakis.

Nate and Amy Lubarski