40th annual Lions Club Junior Golf Tournament held Monday

Times Report
Crookston Times

The 40th annual Crookston Lions Club Junior Golf Tournament was held August 2 for youth through age 17 at Minakwa Golf Course. Ages 9-17 played 9 holes and 8 and under played 4 holes and received a participation medal. Lunch was included and prizes were handed out.

Winners included:

Age 15-17 Girls - 1st - Abby Borowicz

Age 15-17 Boys - 1st - Ashton Shockman

Age 13-14 Girls

1st Place  - Emelia Hoerner 

2nd Place - Georgia Sanders

3rd Place - Taylor Wieland

Age 13-14 Boys 

1st Place - Garrett Fischer

2nd - Greyston Ecker

3rd - Connor Maruska

Age Range 11-12 Girls

1st- Kennedy Schmidt

Age Range 11-12 Boys

1st - Ryan Clauson

2nd- Breck Borowicz

3rd- Jude Johnson

Age Range 9-10 Girls

1st- Anna Heldstab

2nd - Ava Oliver

3rd- Aubrey Johnson

Age Range 9-10 Boys

1st - Asher Wieland

2nd- Isaac Erdmann

3rd - Bladen Melsa tied with Grant Moe

8 and Under Girls

1st - Alle Kollin

2nd- Ruby Martin

8 and Under Boys

1st - Evan Kofoed

2nd - Oliver Brost

3rd - Otto Erdmann

Ashton Cameron, Bladen Melsa and Harrison Cameron are pictured at Minakwa during the tournament
Boys 8 and under participants are pictured with Lions Club member Duane Anderson
Boys ages 9-10 winners Asher Wieland (1st), Isaac Erdmann (2nd), Bladen Melsa and Grant Moe (3rd - Moe not pictured)
Boys ages 11-12 winners 1st Ryan Clauson, 2nd Breck Borowicz, 3rd Jude Johnson
Boys ages 13-14 winners Greyston Ecker (2nd), Garrett Fischer (1st), and Connor Maruska (3rd)
Boys 15-17 winner Ashton Shockman
Girls 8 and under winners Ruby Martin (2nd) and Alle Kollin (1st)
Girls ages 9-10 winners 1st Anna Heldstab, 2nd Ava Oliver, 3rd Aubrey Johnson