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Crookston fall high school sports at the midpoint

Jacob Shames
Crookston Times
Evan Christensen and the Crookston boys' soccer team is 1-4 halfway through its season.

Crookston boys' soccer

Record: 1-4

Scoring leaders: Noah Kiel four goals, Jacob Miller two assists, Gabe Montieth and Noah Dragseth one assist

Goalkeeping leaders: Kaleb Thingelstad 66 saves, Caden Boike 14 saves

Games played: L 5-0 vs. Pelican Rapids (Sept. 1), L 4-0 at East Grand Forks (Sept. 3), L 9-1 at Detroit Lakes (Sept. 8), W 3-0 vs. Hillcrest Lutheran (Sept. 10), L 10-0 at Pelican Rapids (Sept. 15)

Games left: vs. Detroit Lakes (Sept. 22), vs. Fargo North (Sept. 26), vs. Grand Forks Red River (Sept. 28), at Hillcrest Lutheran (Sept. 29), vs. East Grand Forks (Oct. 6)

Quotable: "We don't anticipate scoring a ton of goals this year, but if we can get two or three in the net and just play defense after that, that's what we're hoping to do." - coach Lon Boike after season-opening loss to Pelican Rapids

"I think we can only get better, so hopefully we can just keep getting better and winning games." - Noah Kiel after win over Hillcrest Lutheran

Crookston girls' soccer

Record: 2-4

Scoring leaders: Kenze Epema four goals/two assists, Cassie Solheim four goals/one assist, Clara Meyer one goal/four assists, Kailee Magsam one goal, Keona Arnold one goal, Olivia Huck four assists

Goalkeeping leaders: Reese Swanson 66 saves

Games played: W 7-2 vs. Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Cass Lake-Bena (Aug. 27), L 1-0 at Hillcrest Lutheran (Sept. 1), L 1-0 vs. Detroit Lakes (Sept. 3), W 5-1 vs. Pelican Rapids (Sept. 8), L 4-0 at Detroit Lakes (Sept. 10), L 6-0 at East Grand Forks (Sept. 15)

Games left: vs. East Grand Forks (Sept. 21), vs. Hillcrest Lutheran (Sept. 24), at Pelican Rapids (Sept. 28), at Walker-Hackensack-Akeley/Cass Lake-Bena (Sept. 29)

Quotable: "We need to continue to do what we do best, which is play awesome defense and be composed in the center, and then, help ourselves out on the attacking third. We need to put all those pieces of the puzzle together." - coach Sarah Reese after road loss to Detroit Lakes

"As in other games, the girls never game up. We can certainly play with this team but we have to come in mentally prepared to do it." - Reese after loss at East Grand Forks

Crookston girls' swimming

Record: 0-2

Leaders: Madison Hoiland one first-place finish, Mackenzie Aamoth one first-place finish

Meets competed at: L 104-58 vs. Fosston-Bagley (Sept. 1), at Grand Forks Central/Red River (Sept. 11), vs. Warroad/Roseau/Greenbush-Middle River (Sept. 17)

Meets left: at Park Rapids (Sept. 22), vs. Detroit Lakes (Sept. 24), at Warroad/Roseau/Greenbush-Middle River (Sept. 29), at Thief River Falls (Oct. 1), vs. Perham/New York Mills (Oct. 5), at Fosston-Bagley (Oct. 8), vs. Thief River Falls (Oct. 13)

Quotable: "We feel very fortunate to be an indoor sport and being able to do what we love so it's great to be back in the water. The girls feel excited and feel thankful that we can do this, and so it's exciting to be back and to hitting the lanes again." - coach Marley Melbye after season-opening meet

"We are choosing to look at the small successes. The beautiful thing about swimming is that you're not necessarily swimming for a place, you're swimming for a time. We take the times for today and compare them to tomorrow, and that's all we can do." - Melbye on Sept. 1

Crookston girls' tennis

Record: 6-1

Leaders: Halle Winjum 6-0 in singles, Hayden Winjum 5-1 in singles

Matches played: W 6-1 vs. Roseau (Aug. 25), W 5-2 at East Grand Forks (Aug. 28), W 6-1 vs. Park Rapids (Sept. 1), W 6-1 vs. Perham/New York Mills (Sept. 3), W 5-2 at East Grand Forks (Sept. 10), L 6-1 vs. Thief River Falls (Sept. 15), W 5-2 vs. East Grand Forks (Sept. 16)

Matches left: vs. Detroit Lakes (Sept. 22), at Park Rapids (Sept. 24), at Thief River Falls (Sept. 29), at Roseau (Oct. 3)

Quotable: "I have a slew of girls who play a lot in the summer and it really shows who's been hitting and who hasn't been hitting, and they have fun with it. Lot of times, lot of the competitive juices aren't really flowing with other teams or some other athletes, you can tell they're out here to have fun and maybe they're not as competitive. But most of ours, they really want it and they work hard for it and it shows when it comes crunch time." - coach Cody Brekken after win at East Grand Forks on Aug. 28

"They are a beatable team, but we'll have to bring our A-game and shore up a few things in our play." - Brekken after loss to Thief River Falls

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