Letter to the Editor - Future generations will laugh at what we did to try to stop COVID-19

Terry A. Larson

    I ended my last column by saying that I am afraid there is no end to the stupid things people will do so they can feel safe from the virus.

    Fauci suggested the other day that people could protect themselves further by wearing goggles. Next we'll see people wearing goggles with their masks as they drive alone in their cars, jog and bike. I so do not want to see people covering themselves in plastic wrap.

    My fear upon concluding that people have to think if we are going to stop the fear and end the madness, grows worse. Now thousands of people are acting as vaccine test subjects.

    Some of the human guinea pigs think they are heroic. Vaccines should be tested for years on animals, even before Bill Gates tests them on the children of poor black parents in other countries who have no recourse if their children become sterile or die from them; but governments don't have time for testing.

     Guinea pigs are lining up because they are still afraid they might get a virus which 98 percent of people fully recover from. They are afraid they might get a virus which will make them so sick they won't even know they have it. In Minnesota, they are afraid they might get a virus with a three percent fatality rate compared to five and seven percent influenza mortality rates for the 2018 and 2017 seasons.

      I am afraid that people have to understand that everything we are doing to stop the spread of the virus is fundamentally wrong because we should not be trying to stop the spread of the virus, and that is unthinkable for most Americans now.

      We set out to SLOW the spread of the virus for two weeks to "flatten the curve" so as not to overwhelm medical facilities. Since then, government ordered us to do everything we can to STOP the spread, and everything we have done has been suicidal.

    We should have allowed the virus to work its way through the healthy population resulting in natural immunity. Despite government interference and incompetence, the virus has done so anyway while government managed to kill off many more of us.

    Looking ahead, progressives now rule Minnesota, and the Democrats who voted seven times against ending the state's first lockdown will be re-elected; progressives will begin to rule the nation in 2021 (if not then, certainly in 2025), and the collateral deaths and suffering as a result of the 2020 pandemic lockdown will continue for years. Eventually my great-grandchildren will read my columns, and other children will laugh at videos of people social distancing and locking down in 2020; wearing masks, goggles and plastic wrap to protect themselves from a virus in the same way we laughed at films of children practicing duck and cover drills to protect themselves from a nuclear blast in the 1950's.