Letter to the Editor - We’ll have to think in order to stop the fear

Terry Larson

    Two types of people are wearing masks today: the wise who know they are at risk for COVID-19 because of poor health or comorbidities, and the "others" who are still afraid this virus will kill them if they get it.

    The science against wearing masks wins. Like the lockdowns, wearing masks will do more harm than good.

    But there is no end to the stupid things the "others" will do so they can feel safe.

    Today, Nancy (an "other") accuses Bev of being selfish because Bev chooses not to wear a mask. It doesn't matter if Bev won't wear a mask because she believes it might reduce her blood oxygenation levels or weaken her immune system, makes her feel like she can't breathe, or she just doesn't want to–selfish Nancy wants everyone to wear a mask so she'll feel safe.

    Yesterday, Nancy was reporting neighbors to authorities [Gestapo agents] because they appeared to be violating social distancing rules [might be Jews].

    Recently CNN broadcast an interview headlined "Son Makes Mask Debate Personal After Losing Mom to Virus."

    CNN wants "others" who still watch its propaganda to believe people who don't wear masks are somehow responsible for the deaths of people who do.

    I wanted to ask him two questions, "Did you mother wear a mask to protect herself? If so, why should I wear a mask to protect your mother?"

    Indeed, why must everyone wear a mask? Why is it not enough for people at high risk for the virus to wear a mask? Why must we "double up"?

    We have been ordered to wear the masks so authorities can order us to take the vaccines. We are not likely to have a vaccine for years, but if they can whip one up, authorities want it to be mandatory. It may not be safe, but it will be mandatory (You can bet your life on it.)

    If you don't agree with me, if you have any intellectual honesty you can admit that if authorities had been unable to successfully order us to wear the masks there is no way they could order us to take the vaccines.

    Secondly, everyone must wear masks because authorities do not want people to understand their risk level. Wearing masks may protect some people; but wearing masks does much more to maintain the public's fear. If only people at high risk were ordered to wear masks, very few people would be wearing masks, and all this would come to an end.

    On July 27, there were 51,803 confirmed cases and 1,576 deaths for a "MN Black Death" fatality rate of three percent. According to the MN Department of Health, in the 2018-19 influenza season, there were 2,522 hospitalizations and 126 deaths, for a fatality rate of five percent. In the 2017-18 season, the numbers were 6,288 and 435 and seven percent.

    Looking ahead, I am not afraid of the virus, but I am afraid there is no end to the stupid things the "others" will do so they can feel safe.

Terry A. Larson

Alexandria, Minnesota