Letter to the Editor - Only Fischbach is up to the task

Carol Johnson

    While I sit in my living room and watch the US House Judiciary Committed grill Attorney General Barr I ask myself, who do I want representing me in Washington D.C.?  I am totally convinced that if everyone in this district did just that then there would be no question that Michelle Fischbach would be on her way to Washington.

    Michelle is battle tested at every level from city council to Minnesota Senate.  Well respected as a leader as she was elected to preside as the President of the MN Senate.  She has stood up for her constituents at every level.  She stood her ground in a calm decisive manner making sure that Minnesota taxpayers were aware of the problems with the Department of Motor Vehicles. She ensured Minnesota elder care problems were addressed state-wide.  Unlike Tina Smith, her predecessor as Lt Governor under Governor Dayton, she is pro – life, and pro-family.  Her voting record attests to this fact.

    Republicans in the 7th District need to remember that Michelle Fischbach held the fine red line for us to maintain the control of the Minnesota Senate by remaining dual-hatted for the remainder or her 2018 Senate term.  I am tired of the smear campaigns being lodged at every level.  Michelle has kept a positive campaign pushing forward and I definitely can see why President Trump has endorsed her.

Carol Johnson

Hutchinson, Minnesota