Letter to the Editor - Numbers show increased reach of Chamber marketing

Terri Heggie

    Crookston Area Chamber marketing of Crookston is off the charts!

    By the end of the first week working with then, new hire Antuan Brown, I knew the positive and energetic exposure of Crookston was going to take us to a whole new level.

    Antuan and I immediately focus on a clear vision utilizing our skills and creativity to highlight the long list of reasons to grow  in Crookston.           

    After rolling out our new logo this past January which sends a clear and simple message to grow with us in Crookston, we had a solid foundation to build upon. In addition, our new logo is a complimentary addition to our mission to create an environment that encourages business success while enhancing the quality of life in Crookston and our surrounding region.

    Growing Crookston as a place to live, work, raise your family, play, visit, build your business, build your future, and even retire in puts our small town feel on the map.   

    You would be hard pressed not see a creative image or a video on social media which wasn’t created from your Chamber office. Our digital ads not only showcase our businesses and community, they display all we have to offer in a way to connect with you on a personal.

    We are pushing our marketing out constantly, not only locally but growing connections beyond Crookston by leaps and bounds. We want to leave an impression with all who view our website, social media and advertisements that Crookston is in fact a place to grow.

    This past week Antuan gathered the data from the past 6 months detailing our solid efforts of engaging people with Crookston. I was pleasantly surprised and beyond excited. So much so I asked Antuan to run the numbers again. The proof is in the metrics.

    • Website Views:  550,000

    • Google Business: 7,700+ users, 7,600+ new users, 22,800+ page views, 46,500+

Google Photo views

    • Constant Contact email blasts – 19,000 sent

    • Facebook followers – grew by 312 to presently 1,800+

    • Top 14 Cities following your Crookston Area Chamber: Crookston, Grand Forks, Chicago, Omaha, Minneapolis, Fargo, Ashburn, Boardman, Grafton, Bagley, Sioux Falls, Thief River Falls, Saint Paul, Moorhead.

    What does this marketing mean for our small Midwest town? It means we are proudly promoting the Crookston area with a clear goal of enhancing growth to take place.

    If you are growing your fun by visiting us, welcome to Crookston. If you are growing your career by working in Crookston, we thank you for serving our community. If you are growing your family in Crookston, thank you for choosing us. If you are growing your own business in Crookston, we thank you for building our economy. If you are retired in Crookston, we are grateful you call this home.

    We wholeheartedly appreciate the honor of leading these efforts to grow Crookston. To take a closer look please check out our website www.visitcrookston.com or find us on Facebook and Instagram.     

    What to become a Chamber member and find the support for your business needs please reach out at theggie@visitcrookston.com give us a call at 218.281.4320 or stop in and chat. We are located at 103 South Broadway.”

    Grow with Us In Crookston.

Terri Heggie

Crookston Chamber Executive Director