Letter to the Editor - The fear ends when our leaders decide it does

Terry A. Larson

    Stopping the spread of the Fear continues to be more important than stopping the spread of the virus which causes COVID-19. At this point, those who have been able to advance their agendas while the public is in the grip of fear are doing everything they can to maintain that fear.

    Progressives have been building big government for decades and want us to accept rule by executive order. Governors' lockdowns repeatedly violated their constitutions. We no longer need those state constitutions or legislatures, or a federal constitution for that matter, we just need progressive governors and a progressive national leader.

    Progressive national media want the economy to continue to decline until the November election. Overnight these people turned from promoting impeachment to directing our national response to the "pandemic." They ratcheted up the public's fear, then drove us to social distancing and locking down. They maligned anyone who violated social distancing etiquette and portrayed anyone who wanted to end the lockdowns as a threat to public health and safety.

    Governors who exercised no prudence whatsoever in locking down cautioned against reopening too quickly, and continue to declare that testing, testing and more testing must be done before we can "return to normal." Governors do not want to give up their new-found powers. County and city authorities are having an even harder time giving up because they want to play the boss too.

    Bill Gates and his ilk insist that we hold out for a vaccine which should be mandatory for everyone and include carrying an immunity card to prove we can "safely" return to work and go out in public. Others want higher unemployment so they can institute a universal basic income, which will leave many more of us dependent upon government for our very survival. Immunologists, who should not even be in the room when public policy is being devised in the future, argue we need contact tracing and a surveillance state like China has so we can monitor the spread of viruses in the future (and everything else we do).

    The massive effort to drag out this "pandemic" is now focused on testing, which will hopefully be the last excuse to delay re-opening for as long as possible. Testing will keep us safe, we are told. As someone once said, "Never allow a crisis to go to waste."

    Looking ahead, our rulers will not allow the fear to end until they get what they want out of it.

    Mind you, this does not include President Trump. He stands almost alone, amidst incompetent people in leadership positions across the country, in not letting his thinking and actions be directed by fear. He led by example when he declined to order all states to lock down, when he decided not to wear a mask to show everyone they should be afraid, and when he began using hydroxychloroquine.

Terry A. Larson

Alexandria, Minnesota