Attend Polk County precinct caucuses February 1, 2022

Faith Rud

Minnesota political party precinct caucuses are scheduled for Tuesday, February 1st at 6:30 P.M. at various locations around Polk County.

U. S. Constitution grants the management of elections to State Legislatures where rules are developed for the process of eligible voters selecting their preferences for candidates for elective offices locally and statewide, the president every four years, and the content of the party platform – a document of issues they want to address. Caucuses are the official beginning of Minnesota’s election process and are the ground floor for individuals to join the process of self-governance in a democracy where citizen involvement is the method by which “we the people” govern ourselves.

Caucuses are organized by the major political parties and all eligible voters are invited and encouraged to meet with the party of their choice. Participants are provided with the opportunity for neighbors to get together and discuss candidates and issues of importance to them, as well as offer suggestions to address concerns.

Why Attend?

• Get to know your neighbors better;

• Learn about the local political process;

• Discuss issues of concern;

• Examine opportunities to participate in the community further.

What will you do?

• Register as a participant;

• Discuss candidates for office and issues of concern to your community;

• Identify and suggest actions legislators take to address concerns.

• Elect delegates to the County, District, and State Conventions.

Caucuses are entirely free of charge and you have a right to time off from work to attend caucuses.

Check your local newspapers to find your caucus location, contact Polk County Auditor-218.281.2554 or go to http://www.sos.state.mn.us, find Elections and Voting on the green main menu, then click on caucusfinder which will appear on the website mid-January.

Faith Rud - Helgeland Township - Warren, Minnesota