CHS Principal's The Pirate Press: News for Students and Parents

Nicki Martinez
CHS Principal

Worth Noting...

We live in a multi-media society and nothing reminds us more of that than a building full of teenagers. Social media has pros and cons and no matter how we view it, it's here to stay and is endlessly evolving to the next best app. Schools and the way we operate are affected by social media. On a positive note, technology is a way for us to engage young people in ways we've never thought of before. We have teachers using it to show the pride in our students by using our social media sites and as ways for students to innovatively complete assignments.

However, research shows a constant connection to social media can be isolating and lead to depression or destructive behaviors. The nation is seeing more and more schools and students adversely affected by social media and the contributing isolation. Gone are the days of note writing and face-to-face hangouts as I did in grades 7-12. Now students can hangout electronically and are usually on social media even when they are together physically. We are also seeing more negative communications between teens with social media which brings concerns.

Our upcoming winter break is a good time to discuss the harms and benefits of social media with your sons and daughters. Encourage them to create self-imposed boundaries for healthy online behaviors and to participate in activities that are screen free. Taking time away from technology may bring new-found freedoms or remind them of past joys to continuously revisit.

Principal Nicki Martinez

COVID Safety Plan after December 22

When we return from winter break, masks will be recommended but not mandated for any age and we will no longer be quarantining for close contacts. General notifications will be sent to parents and household quarantines and isolation will still be required unless fully vaccinated or having COVID19 in the last 90 days.

Beginning January 3, teachers will no longer be required to provide distance learning to quarantined students and January 18th will be the last day masks are required on buses.

If you see our school nurse, Stacy Grunewald, please thank her for all the hours she has put in during a pandemic to help everyone stay safe and healthy.

Kindness Counts

The 12 Days of Kindness kicked off on December 7 at CHS. Each day students have been challenged to do something kind in our school. Sometimes something as simple as making a staff member smile or paying a classmate a compliment is all it takes for people to have a good day. This finale of this fun idea will take place in the afternoon of December 22. CHS staff have created 20 activities for students to enrich their educational experience. Students have signed up for activities that range from scoring antlers in the science classroom to building snow sculptures outside with the art teacher. What a great way to end 2021!

Way to Go!

Crookston High School is proud that Ethan Boll and Libby Salentine are representing us with the MSHSL ExCEL Awards - a program that recognizes juniors for excellence in community, education, and leadership.

The CHS LEO Club received the Excellence Award from Lions International for the 2020-2021 school year. Our club is the only club in the world to receive this award. This is the 30th year our LEO Club has been recognized for their service to the community, state, and worldwide. Linda Morgan advises this group of 130 students.

We are proud of all who represent our school the Pirate Way! Congratulations!

End of the Semester

It's hard to believe that we are close to the end of first semester. On January 20 and 21 CHS will have a FINALS SCHEDULE (see schedule in the Important Upcoming Dates section). Please note the time for Make Up Finals which need to be coordinated with teachers ahead of time if at all possible. Missing a final without prior arrangement, may result in a zero on the test. In addition, some students may be exempt from finals based on exemplary academic achievement in class.

As the semester draws to a close, please communicate with the students in your household about their school work, missing work, and studying for their finals. Grades are always viewable in the Family Access portal of Skyward. If you don't know your username or password, please call the CHS office. Thanks for your support and teamwork in making the first half of the year a successful one.

Important Upcoming Dates

Dec 22 - 12 Days of Kindness Finale (1:00 -3:15)

Dec 23 - Jan 2 NO SCHOOL

Jan 3 - Classes resume

Jan 10 Semester 2 Schedules Available


Jan 18 - Last Day to change Sem 2 Schedule

Jan 20 Finals

Jan 21 Finals

Jan 24 - Semester two begins

Crookston Pirates