Rasicot Letter to the Editor: Dr. Fashoro saved my life

Don Rasicot

First I want to start off this opinion letter with a disclaimer. Normally I would never publicly write about my medical conditions or health issues. My intent for this letter is to recognize a physician that went above and beyond resulting in the saving of my life. Secondly I am strongly suggesting that any middle age active man to get a stress test!

Here is my story:

I was grossly over-weight for many years. In 2012 I elected have a lap band bariatric surgery and within 1 ½ years I had lost 110 lbs. I have since maintained the weight loss and for the most part feel very healthy, my knees  function well and I was no long pre-diabetic nor did I have high blood pressure anymore. It also made my sleep apnea go away. One of the largest side affects of this lap band is “severe acid reflux”.

For the last few years I would get very sharp and shooting pains in my heart area, and become unusually fatigued, (I am usually a very high energy person). I was told by my old medical staff that the heart issue was acid reflux and the fatigue was me over doing it at my age.  

A few months ago my family doctor retired and my wife and I needed to find another family doctor. I knew that due to the popularity of Doctor Fashoro he would be very hard to get into or even be accepted. Dr. Fashoro did accept my wife and I as new patients but insisted on giving us both physicals right away.  On the day of our physicals, Dr. Fashoro spent a considerable amount of time interviewing us about our specific families and common health concerns. I told Dr. Fashoro at that time that  I was feeling pretty good and was ready to work another 10 years, (I love my job with the City of Crookston). Dr. Fashoro for some reason insisted that I immediately come back for a stress test. Once I did the stress test, he saw something that he didn’t like and was concerned about. In fact he called me personally to tell me about his concerns and that he was referring me to a cardiologist at Sanford Medical Facility in Fargo. When it would be several weeks before I could get into the cardiologist, again Dr. Fashoro stepped up, made a personal phone call and got me on Monday Dec 6th. The thought was to have an angiogram and maybe a stint if needed.

Well I attended my angiogram and was told that I was a walking talking miracle. Two of my main arteries were 80% blocked, one artery was 90% blocked and the last artery was 100 % blocked. I needed to get in right away for open heart surgery! This was a total shock to my family, work, and I. Nevertheless what has to be done has to be done. On Friday Dec 10th I went to Sanford in Fargo and ended up having a quadruple bypass, almost a 6 hour surgery. The surgery went well.

Last but not least, people asked if was scared or feared this medical condition and open heart surgery. The truth is that both my wife and I are Christians and have been praying daily, nightly, hourly about this. No I wasn’t scared but I really wanted to share with the citizens of Crookston whom I love and serve every day, how  God used Dr. Fashoro to save my life.

I want to thank all of you who called, text, came to visit, and drove my wife back and forth for your acts of great kindness. In 3 months I will be back serving you all again with a renewed heart and a continual appreciation for your support.

Officer Don Rasicot #5309

Crookston Police Dept.

School District SRO

School Resource Officer and Police Officer Don Rasicot directs traffic outside Highland Elementary