Letter to the Editor: Wrights Consignment a labor of love

Sheryl Adams

Sheryl Adams, the rummage sale queen, got her castle when she bought Wright's Everything Consignment. Owning this store has always been my dream. My Aunt Bettie started me in the antiquing, rummage sale, making trash into treasure business 41 years ago. I've done craft sales for 30 years and have a degree in Merchandising and Design. I worked at a gift store and Donaldson department store in Minneapolis and I got hired just because I had on my resume that I could drive a tractor.

We recently owned Adams Family Hardware that we completely remodeled and we have a family construction company with our kids and are on our 64th and 65th remodeling project. I am always on demo and design, and a lot more painting than I care for lately. We also have 33 rentals and I'm a 38-year hairdresser still working three days a week.

My husband, Dean, and son, Kazmir (24), own Adams Heating & Cooling, Serenity (24) is a Para at Washington School, Precious (23) is in marketing and real estate, Roman (24) works at Absolute Refrigeration and his girlfriend, Sadira, works at Red Lake Falls Vet Clinic and at Wrights. And, no, we don't sleep much.

With my incredible employees at Wrights we have done vast improvements to the store and are planning on redoing every room - all 21 of them. Adams Heating just put in five new furnaces and central air conditioning, Northern Foam seal-coated the roof; Derek, Kelley, Jaron and Krissy put up new galvanized ceilings, there's been new electrical with Sparky, and more improvement to come.

We have added a $1 room, new antique room and picture frame/picture room; we have new Restonic mattresses and box springs at the best price, plus we're on Facebook "Wright's Everything Consignment." We change tag colors every month so there is always four tags on sale from 20-40% off.

By appointment only we take in clean, washed merchandise at three customers a day to ensure that we always have new merchandise coming in, and we have two big sales a year to keep merchandise moving in July and February, but we take in furniture all the time - just call first.

I'd like to thank everyone for their support and patronage in making my dream a reality.

Wright's Everything Consignment is located at 111 Main Ave N in Red Lake Falls, call 218-253-2091, and we're open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Wright's Everything Consignment
Wright's Everything Consignment
Wright's Everything Consignment