Letter to the Editor: AMAZING – That is one way to describe Nathan Harmon!

Submitted by Melanie Lessard

AMAZING – That is one way to describe Nathan Harmon!!

On November 3rd and 4th, Mr. Nathan Harmon came into our lives and will never be forgotten!!!

Nathan is such an energetic human that how could you NOT walk away feeling inspired. He talked about how his actions in his life effected his choices and decisions. What the outcomes were and how we can all change our outcomes if we just talk to others about it. Talk to your kids on a daily basis. Ask them how is school? How is work? Do you need help with homework? Would you like to have for supper and would you like to make it with me? Give them daily chores to feel a part of the family. Family bonding is missing in a lot of families, so one conversation with your child could change their world. Have a conversation about whatever, it could lead to opening up a new world for them. JUST TALK AND LISTEN!!!

Nathan presented to the Red Lake Falls School District, the Red Lake Falls Community, the Crookston Community and Dilworth/Glyndon/Felton School District. Nathan presented that on Wednesday and Thursday. Over 900 people attended these 4 events and I believed everyone who attended walked away feeling helped and relieved to know that they are not alone. They have hope again!!!

Nathan’s event would not have happened if it wasn’t for the Ms. Tootsie contestants this year. They came from Red Lake Falls, DGF area, Roseau and Park Rapids. So thank you and thank you to the Crookston Community and surrounding communities for attending and supporting. You are greatly appreciated.

When I reached out to the RLF and DGF School Districts, they opened their schools to Nathan and never even thought twice about it. They knew there was a need and wanted Nathan to reach out to their students to ensure they knew they were not alone. Many students as well as adults reached out to Nathan after the presentations to thank him. Having conversation with our youth matters as well as with adults. WE need to talk and WE need to listen.

To Mr. Brad Kennett from the RLF School and Mr. Wayne LaPard from the DGF School, thank you for being openminded to Nathan’s visit and knowing that our youth need to be heard and helped. From preparing your students for this a event and debriefing them afterwards will make a HUGE difference in their lives. Once again, thank you so very much. Your school districts now have the video tools from Nathan to ensure you can continue to help your students.

Including in making this event happen were all the wonderful donors/sponsors which included Riverview Recovery Center, The Glenmore Foundation, Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force, Polk County Attorney’s Office, Crookston Masonic Lodge, Crookston Inn, Crookston Eagles, NAPA/Crookston Welding, Bremer Bank, Mag Ag. Inc, B&B Creations, and various private donors. Without your donations/sponsorship, this event would not have been possible.

The Crookston Inn hosted Nathan, his family and another wonderful man by the name of Brad Hunstable and I am so very thankful for Laurie, Allison and crew for investing in this event. You truly made a difference in our community.

Please visit Nathan on the following sites:

            Instagram – NathanHarmon1

            Facebook – Nathan Harmon

            Twitter -- @yourlifespeaks1

            Snapchat – Your Life Speaks

Also, please visit Brad Hunstable’s website:




            YouTube – Almost Thirteen video

Nathan would like to return again next year around the same time, so I am currently working on things with his staff to secure a few dates. I am hoping to also include Brad Hunstable when Nathan comes.



Once again, I greatly appreciate everyone for supporting these events. Our youth are our future and having a conversation with them MATTERS!!!

Until next time, my sincerest THANK YOU!!

Melanie Lessard