Letter to the Editor: Residents of Crookston need to be commended

Submitted by Gerald Landby

My wife and I were in Crookston for a few hours last night. I wanted to share a few impressionable observations.

As we drove around the neighborhoods and visited a few businesses, we were impressed with friendly and engaging people out enjoying the mild Friday evening before sunset. As we drove through the neighborhoods and downtown, people were walking with their dogs, with family members, riding bicycles, or jogging. We saw two young families out for a neighborhood walk. The fathers were pushing their toddlers and infants in carriages. Children were playing in their yards. People, we didn’t know, waved to us as we passed by. There was vehicles parked in front of several businesses. The town looked busy.

The neighborhoods were clean! Lawns had been tended. There were fall and Halloween decorations to observe. The downtown, while different than the days of our youth, was very clean. There was no eyesore blight to be seen. The green space where buildings once stood looked clean, inviting, and had seasonal decorations. We felt a sense of deep community pride as we drove through our hometown.

Our destination was the Irishman’s Shanty. I asked my wife if there was any place in Grand Forks she wanted to have dinner. After a couple of unpleasant shopping experiences, we had little desire to remain in Grand Forks. I had suggested a drive to the Shanty and that’s what we did. The Shanty didn’t disappoint! We were met with friendly staff and a wonderful meal. Despite of the pandemic challenges, the prices were unchanged. The both of us had a complete dinner for $40! I had the large helping of prime rib. My wife settled on the chicken dinner. That’s reasonable!

As we headed home, we headed east on Highway 2, a perfect Red River Valley sunset in the rear view mirror completed the hometown visit. We were content.

The residents of Crookston need to be commended! What we experienced doesn’t come from a few people. It comes from a community that loves their town. Thank you for offering such a positive and impressionable experience to a place we know as home.