Letter to the Editor from Hospice of the Red River Valley

Submitted by Hospice

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, a time to recognize and celebrate this specialized type of care—care for the whole person, including medical, emotional, personal and spiritual care, as well as grief support for the person’s loved ones.

Hospice care impacts the lives of so many, from those who are facing a terminal illness and their families and caregivers to our community members who are dealing with grief and loss.

Experiencing end of life and grief are two absolutes in each of our lives—and there is support available to people during these tender times in life. Hospice care is a benefit our community members are entitled to receive, and it’s about living the best quality of life possible, comfortably in wherever you call home.

2021 marks Hospice of the Red River Valley’s 40th year of providing comfort and care through life’s journey. We’re proud to be the region’s longest-serving hospice as we reflect on our roots as a community-based, nonprofit hospice. We’re also humbled to say our values and work still reflect the same excitement, passion and purpose they did four decades ago.

Our co-founder, Dr. Joy Query, and a host of volunteers first brought hospice services to our region with the belief that everyone, including those who face end of life, deserves dignity and quality of life. They could see a better future for our communities—just as you and countless individuals have by investing in our care.

We express our deepest gratitude to the region, communities, families and individuals who have entrusted us with the sacred gift of helping families and friends create more meaningful moments together.

This includes those whom we’ve cared for, volunteers, donors and staff; you all make this work matter. Thank you for the incredible support and care you have given to ensure our mission continues well into the future—and beyond our founders' original hopes and dreams.

Choosing hospice gives people the peace of mind and the care they need, while also providing them with moments of joy, peace and comfort. If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of hospice care, please visit our website or call (800) 237-4629 to learn more.

With gratitude,

Tracee Capron

Executive Director

Hospice of the Red River Valley

About Hospice of the Red River Valley

In 1981, Hospice of the Red River Valley was founded on the fundamental belief that everyone deserves access to high-quality end-of-life care. We fulfill our nonprofit mission by providing medical, emotional, personal and spiritual care, as well as grief support to our patients, their families and caregivers during a tender time in life. Our staff helps those we serve experience more meaningful moments through exceptional hospice care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever a patient calls home. Spread across more than 40,000 square miles in North Dakota and Minnesota, Hospice of the Red River Valley offers round-the-clock availability via phone, prompt response times and same-day admissions, including evenings, weekends and holidays. Contact us anytime at 800-237-4629 or hrrv.org.