Urdahl Letter: 'The future of our country depends on our/your children'

Submitted by James A. Urdahl

I see that some parents are still concerned about student masking. Why? What is more important than doing everything possible to ensure a child's safety? The future of our country, our world, depends on the welfare of our/your children. Exposing them to safety hazards only ensures them ‘NO’ future!

I read in the Crookston Times, dated 04 Oct ‘21, that parents are arguing about requiring their children to ‘Mask up’ in the local schools. They are trying to fight the school officials saying it should be the parents decision and not the supernatant, or members of the school board, about what is safe for their children or not. What's next? Forcing your children to wear clothes to school? Trying to take another ‘control’ away from parents. “Don't tell me how to raise my children!”

The supernatant, with the school boards approval, put a halt to that argument about mandatory ‘masking’. quote; ‘We will up-grade the

Covid-19 safety procedures level from ‘Level 2 to Level 3. This requires all students K-6 to be masked during the school day in the classroom with minor exceptions’. unquote. Congratulations on their decision! At least the school officials seem to be more concerned about a child's safety, unlike some parents.

If parents argue the masking policies then they have three (3) options: Comply with the school boards ruling and keep their children safe. Pull their children out of school completely and home school them. Refuse to let your children be educated and let them suffer later as adults.

When parents keep their children home from school because they think school officials are trying to take control of their family they are the first ones yelling that there are not enough child care options, forcing the parents to stay home to take care of their children.

Do parents want their children to stay safe and grow to healthy adults or

Do they want to risk their children's life by playing ‘Russian Roulette’ with their young lives?

A responsible parent does everything they can to ensure their child's safety at school, or in their own backyard. A smart parent does not believe the garbage they read on the internet, or hear on various television stations ‘vomiting’ out misinformation. Your Doctor knows more about your health issues then some quack on TV.

Masking requirements may continue way into the future. Get over it! Mask up where, or when required, and get vaccinated! Do not risk your families lives unnecessarily!