Student Perspective: Lorntson to get a 'behind the scenes' look at business community

Savannah Lorntson

The year is 2018, I had just received a letter from the University of Minnesota – Crookston confirming my admission. The excitement was overwhelming … and then the shock of moving four hours away from my home kicked in. I knew about the school, I had been there once before. But I started to think about the community and how I would fit in. Little did I know, Crookston would soon feel like my second home.

Growing up on the North Shore of Lake Superior, I knew that I was moving to a completely different atmosphere. Moving along a couple of months, my family and I packed our vehicles and made the journey to Crookston. In my first month, I got a great sense of what campus life was like; however, I wanted to become more involved within the community of Crookston. I started working at the Crooks Club Bottle Shop where I was bound to meet tons of different people who live in the community. Even after a couple weeks, I noticed a difference between the community of Crookston and the community present on campus. Even though I was still a college student, the people coming in were talking to me as if I was from Crookston, which is something you can’t get just anywhere.

Now, when I look back at my past three years of living in Crookston, I am thankful I went beyond the campus community. There is always more to learn though! That is why I want to focus on the different businesses around the community, and gain insight into the “behind the scenes” of the community. Crookston is composed of various businesses’ that not only support the community, but also care about their customers and their wellbeing. I look forward to sharing a little slice of this small town!

Savannah and her dog, Rotti