Urdahl Letter to the Editor: 'My opinion letters originate from my thinking'

Submitted by James A. Urdahl
Crookston Times

Lately I have been questioned about the various letters that I have sent to the Crookston Times Editor / Opinion section of the paper. Some think that my letters are reflecting the opinions of other people. Others say that I over- step the boundaries ‘of being nice‘. They claim I should keep my opinions to myself so I do not offend people. If my opinion letters offend people than why do they keep their frustrations to themselves? Why do they not write the Editor?

My opinion letters originate from my thinking about a subject that concerns me. I sit down and write out a rough paper. I let the write-up sit a couple of days, go back and re-read what I have written and make any changes I deem necessary, then, and only then, do I sit down and make a final copy. The final paperwork is then sent to whoever it is intended for.

If you agree with any of the letters I have submitted then at least it shows that I have not been afraid to express the way I feel and sharing the opinions of others. If those same letters offend people than why do they keep quite?

Letters to the Editor are a way for the common person to tell the community, or the world, how they feel about any subject that they are concerned about. If they are afraid to offend people, or cause ripples, then they have no right to get up-set about another person's opinion!

I may not feel strong enough about a subject to run out and picket or protest the local government or a company. My opinion letters are my way of letting the public know how I feel. If you get mad, then do something about it, legally.

Just because my opinions do not reflect local community events some people do not think the letters are important enough to be published by the local paper. Have you noticed that some opinion letters, that are printed, are from other parts of the United States and not related to local news/events?

If a ‘Letter to the Editor’ is printed, or not, it is a judgment call on the part of the Editor. I agree that not ‘every’ letter should be printed. It all depends on the contents of the letter. People crying 1st amendment or not.

Sincerely yours,

James A. Urdahl

Beltrami, MN