Prairie Skyline Foundation update on restoration projects

Submitted by Kay Hegge
Crookston Times

The Prairie Skyline Foundation would like to provide an update on our restoration projects and thank the community for supporting our efforts. The Prairie Skyline Foundation works have been focused on repairing the roof of the old Cathedral and securing a contractor to complete the steeple work. All roof leaks have been repaired except for the steeples. We are glad to tell you that there are two new flat sacristy roofs. Most people are unaware of the sacristy roof completions as the sacristy “wings” are further to the east which makes it hard to see the work being done on them when driving oast. Please take a walk around the old Cathedral and see if you can find the improvements. We are pleased to report with these improvements, the “icon” of Crookston is now protected from further weather damage.

Covid has affected our work, still we carry on. It took a year for us to find a contractor and get an estimate on the steeples! Covid has limited our ability to create fun activities during community events and presents many obstacles in hosting our own events. Grant writing is ongoing. but most funders have redirected funds to Covid 19 problems, and rightfully so. Consequently, it has been hard to raise money to put towards our match responsibility for the “Legacy” funds Roofing Grant we received from the Minnesota Historical Society. Now, we desperately need the matching money for the Grant.

Thankfully, we did have two successful rummage sales in 2021. Our Rummage Sale Fundraisers depend largely on donations, our volunteers, and the support from our community. There were so many unique and incredible donations to these sales. Thank you to our donors for your continued support and contributions to the Prairie Skyline Foundation’s Fundraisers. With your help, we have been able to continue our restoration project efforts this year!

Our plan for the Young at HArt” Community Center is more important now than ever. We need more access to fun in our community to promote self-esteem, self-care, and self-preservation. Our community needs a place where people can find their niche and meet people with the same interests. People need things to do, places to go, and people to see. These are essential needs of every person, and these simple opportunities can make a huge difference in a person’s life. Our Community Center will provide this and so much more. A place where opportunities will be created, ideas will be valued, and friendships will thrive. The people of ours and surrounding communities, will clearly benefit from all that our community center would have to offer.

Please watch for our next fundraiser! We are working diligently on plans to create fun for the community and to raise funds for our match responsibility. Having a solid match ensures the chance to apply for more grant opportunities with the State.

If you are new to the area and are just hearing of our efforts, please consider supporting our cause. There are several non-cash matches such as helping us repair the South Windows and lighting them up for the Holidays, volunteers needed for grounds upkeep, such as lawn mowing, weed eating, and/or serving on the Board of Directors. Please let us know if you can offer your time and your talents as a non-cash match. Please send your cash match donation to: The Prairie Skyline Foundation, 27048 310th ST SW, Crookston, or donate on our Facebook page: Crookston Cathedral or website, www.prairieskyline.org. Again, thank you for your continued support of the Prairie Skyline Foundation and their restoration projects. Our progress continues because of your generosity. We are so blessed by our donors, both local and those that remember Crookston.