James Urdahl Letter: 'Do companies sell your name?'

Submitted by James A. Urdahl
Crookston Times

Do companies sell your name? Do they sell mailing lists containing information from driver's license, birth certificates, state ID's, credit card's, etc.? Many companies do. I know they do from past experience of my own. I mail ordered from a business on the East Coast and watched my name and address work their way across the United States by receiving catalogs and mailings from places I never heard of. So far, just past the Mississippi river. I expect California by Christmas.

These same companies claim they safe guard any information they have on costumers, but sell their mailing lists through the back door. Look on any computer and see how many mailing lists, with information, you find! 100’s. Lists of almost every person in the United States that made a purchase or paid a bill, it's there!

Example: If I sell toys through a catalog I could get a mailing list of all perspective costumers that buy toys and send them catalogs. I could get your name and address because a member of your family bought a toy with a credit card. I know that may sound stupid, and maybe illegal, but it is reality.

Watch your mail, see how many additional mailings you receive without your request.

Sincerely yours,

James A. Urdahl