Urdahl Letter: 'Get your whole family vaccinated'

Submitted by James A. Urdahl
Crookston Times

I'm sure glad I live in the United States during these glorious times in our history.

Like when the Governor of Texas claims that he will “abolish” rape in the state of Texas! I wish he would let me know who his drug dealer is.

The drugs he is taking have got to be the best mind shattering items on the market! Maybe he is trying to make a name for himself because Texas is the ‘Second’ largest state in the United States?

How about parents trying to eliminate their children? Refusing to get vaccinated or arguing against required masking in schools. I even saw a picket sign saying that ‘Masking is Child Abuse’! How does trying to save a child's life constitute ’abuse’? Can these same parents legally be arrested for ‘child neglect’ when they are intentionally endangering their child's health?

How many parents no longer want their children? It appears they did not want them in the first place. Why else would a parent want to endanger their children if they did care about them? Why do parents have children if they are not concerned about their safety during the present health pandemic?

If I had children of school age I would do whatever it takes to keep them safe/alive. I would not be like some parents that do not like the sight of their own children. Besides, these are inferior parents that think their children are not worth the effort, they figured that they can always make another one!

If parents are against vaccinations and school masking then why don't they pull their children out of school so they can be left behind the educational level of their ‘safe and healthy’ classmates? Have them graduate, or get their GED's, a few years later, possibly by home schooling? The parents don't care! They think their children have no need for a proper education to help them succeed in life.

Do I seem ‘out-of-line’ with my comments? Then prove me wrong. Forget about the massive miss-information you see on television, what you read on the internet, or what your inept neighbors tell you, and show the world that you care about your children, keep them safe and alive! GET vaccinated to help save your family. GET your whole family vaccinated, everyone that is eligible.

If you are against vaccines, or masking, then wear a sign saying “I do not love my family, or my own life, I want to be one of the patients in the hospital full of the ’Un-vaccinated’!“

Sincerely yours,

James A. Urdahl - Beltrami, MN