Letter to the Editor on 'violence, ignorance and greed'

Submitted by Kimball Shinkoskey

Dear Editor,  

Violence, ignorance and greed no longer menace society from the dark. Today they live in the light of day.

Historically, the church has done some good in curbing violence. The state has taken the lead in dealing with ignorance. Business and finance affect the accumulation of wealth.

The problem today is that church, state, and business are all in a heady state of decline.  

The church and its people refuse science and take sides in partisan brawls. The state and its public schools are no longer capable of training young people to be civil. Business and banks have trashed honest advertising, limits on usury, and support of small business.

What needs to be done? Church people must study and champion science; public schools must re-learn how to teach respect for law; and money has to grow a pair of ethics.

How and when? Up to you, folks. Better get busy.


Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah