Letter: Thanks to Ox Cart Days committee for making memories with mom special

Submitted by Frances Bakken
Crookston Times

Letter to the Editor by Frances Bakken

Thank you very much!

The Ox Cart days brings a sad and happy time for my family and I as 15 years ago on the 20th of August my beloved late mother Mrs. Rena B. Moon passed away during this holiday celebration time from complications of a bad fall she took three-and-a-half weeks before at one of the nursing homes here in town.

We had to say goodbye to her at 4:30 a.m. (as well as my ex spouse and I had another funeral to go to that week as well, his brother, who was best man for our wedding died a few days before my mother passed on.)

We had family members come here to Crookston from all different states, coast to coast, and relatives came, too, to celebrate. My mother also had CHF congestive heart failure and complications from diabetes when she died (which she was reportedly diagnosed at her death.)

My family and I have been trying to cope with the 15th anniversary of our mom’s death. It isn’t easy but we muddle through the Ox Cart Days as best we can.

Our mother loved to attend this occasion and had a lot of fun and we had fun laughing with her during this time.

She was a very fun and delightful person. Everyone whom knew her loved her.

Frances Bakken and the family of Rena B. Moon want to thank the Ox Cart Days Committee for making our memories with our mom so very special to all of us. But mostly Jesus Christ for his help in coping with this through the years following her death.