Urdahl Letter to the Editor on puzzles during COVID-19

Submitted by James A. Urdahl
Crookston Times

Awhile back you published a story about a person that enjoyed reading and working on puzzles during the shut-down because of the COVID - 19 virus. I also enjoy working on puzzles. They are very relaxing and time consuming.

When I was younger my Grandmother loved to work on puzzles. She is the one that got me started. She always had a work-in-progress puzzle on a card table in her living room. She would work on a puzzle, finish it, and then start another one. She enjoyed doing smaller puzzles, 500-750 pieces.

When I do puzzles I do not work on any with less then 2,000 pieces. I have, in my collection, puzzles ranging from 2,000 - 6,000 pieces. To me there is not much of a challenge to work on small puzzles. Large ones take longer to complete but the satisfaction a person gets when it is done is more gratifying. When I finish a large work of art I let it sit for a few days to enjoy it. Then I take it part, re-box it, and start a different one.

Today I received a 3,000 piece puzzle in the mail. 32”x 44” when completed. It seems that a person has to mail-order an item to get a large puzzle.

I saw in a mail order catalog some very small puzzles, 2” x 3”, 200 pieces. That would not be good for my eyesight - too small. I also found out that puzzles over 2,000 pieces are hard to locate these days.

If you like working on puzzles - Enjoy! It will help increase your concentration. It will help your hand dexterity.  It will also help with your ability to see objects with more detail because of being able to match pieces.

I must return to my present puzzle. I also have a fairly large library. A couple of hundred books.

Sincerely yours,

James A. Urdahl

Beltrami, MN