Letter: What other logical excuses do non-vaccinated people have?

Submitted by James A. Urdahl
Crookston Times

The other day I heard a most humorous CD entitled ‘Why I Do Not Want the COVID-19 Vaccine’. It was full of lame excuses why a person did not want the vaccine shot.


‘I'm healthy, I do not see the need to get the shot, I won't get sick’.

‘I have seen members of my family pass away from COVID-19, but I still do not feel the vaccine is safe’.

‘I'm pregnant, I do not want to harm my baby. If I got the COVID-19 shot someone said that my child will be fully vaccinated when born, better than waiting 12 (years). If l don't get the vaccine, myself and my child may die from the virus,. Won't that be nice!

‘I do not want my arm to swell up and fall off!’

‘Who needs the COVID-19 vaccine anyway? The pandemic is just a fairy tale used to scare children. All those people that have died so far is just ‘Fake’ news headlines, so why get the shot?’

‘My arm will turn magnetic. I do not want to be stuck to my car door’.

I do not want any substance entering my body. I will ‘never’ have to enter the hospital, or go to any doctor in my lifetime. Some quack doctor might want to give me a flu shot, or a tetanus shot if I get injured. Maybe force me to get a Novocain shot before I get stitches, NO Way! Doctors are all government agents out to experiment on people. The COVID-19 vaccine is only a scam used to sterilize people.’

I do not have any family members in the school system, and do not know the status of the local school staff, but if in the rare event there are members that are not vaccinated for COVID-19, or are fighting against getting the vaccine, then I ask the following: Don't you Care? Do you want to destroy yourself, destroy your family, destroy the students and the other people you work with, and help destroy their family members? This also goes for any health care worker. Health care workers are the most baffling? They work in an area where they see first hand the results of the pandemic, and yet they do not want to get vaccinated after watching other people crying that they did not get the shot and then dying. What does it take to wake these people up? “I believe”, that any school staff or health care workers, that are not vaccinated, should not be around students or people seeking proper/safe medical care. Argue all you want, but that is my opinion!

Just think, the more you fight getting the ‘FREE’ vaccine the more you are helping spread the disease!

To me anyone not fully vaccinated yet, against the COVID-19 virus, are “Suicidal-Murders” ! Not only are they trying to ‘DIE’ before their time, maybe they do not want to live, but they are trying to kill as many people as they can before they die! Yes, I know that sounds drastic, but what other logical excuses do non-vaccinated people have?

With more and more people getting sick and dying every day what are you waiting for? Your turn? Life or death - make your choice!

Sincerely yours,

James A. Urdahl

Beltrami, MN