Letter: 'It doesn't bother Enbridge that their Line 3 destroys forest areas'

Submitted by Chuck Goyette
Crookston Times

With the Line 3 pipeline issue there is a clash of 2 worlds. Enbridge, a corporate power is devoid of heart and soul. It is simply all about money.

It doesn’t bother Enbridge that their Line 3 route destroys forest areas and fields, crosses and endangers 200 plus waterways, goes under 20 plus rivers and violates the treaty rights of Native people to hunt, fish and gather wild rice.

The Tar Sands Oil will not be used in Minnesota but will be shipped to a refinery in Superior, Wisconsin to eventually be transported to foreign countries, including China.

Enbridge has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on law-enforcement in Minnesota. They have succeeded in privatizing law enforcement. Police protect their financier - Enbridge - and its property and do whatever to contain protestors who have the “audacity” to express their rights of free speech and assembly.

The other world of which I am a member cares about the earth, land, air and water - the Creation and future generations.

I have been to camps to protest many times and express my support. These caring souls are non-violent…that’s their rule. They have a deep spirituality that consists of honoring the sacred - the gifts of life - mother earth and we are a part of nature. The earth does not belong to us… we belong to the earth.

It’s up to us to be informed and CARE and do what we can to express our respect and love for Earth and generations to come. STOP LINE 3

Chuck Goyette

Red Lake Falls, MN