LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why won't people get vaccinated? Let's look at the reasons

James A. Urdahl, Beltrami, Minnesota

Lately I have seen on the news channels that there are still people fighting to stay away from the readily available COVID-19 vaccination for whatever reasons. Good!

    Let me guess the reasons?

    Those people have up-to-date life insurance policies so as not to leave any burden on their families, so they do not care.

    One person in 5,000 (?) will get a adverse reaction to the vaccine. You (I) may be next.

    People with strong religious beliefs will never get sick, or infected, by the COVID-19 virus or its variants.

    Not enough research has been done on the drug. Wait another two or three years to make sure it is “safe.” 300,000 or more deaths will be OK before we know for sure. What would be the time limit?

    The more people that are afraid to get vaccinated leaves more vaccine doses for the people that have not yet got it but want to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

    As the quotation from the movie “The Christmas Carol” states in part, people not getting the vaccine, “may die and decrease the surplus population.” No one wants to pass away prematurely so why fight it, or is that what you want?