Letter to the Editor: Hoping God punishes whomever took ‘All Lives Matter’ sign

Submitted by Frances Bakken
Crookston Times

    I am a U.S. citizen, a senior citizen and U.S. Army veteran. I am upset because some idiot violated my second part of the First Amendment: Freedom of Expression/Freedom of Speech.

    You see, with all the Black Lives Matter riots going on, I decided to make a display sign that All Lives Matter and put it in front of my rental building I am renting at the other morning. By late last evening someone took it and got rid of it.

    I feel like my constitutional right – First Amendment – was very much violated. I don’t know nor did I like whom did it but I’m sure it struck a sour note in someone’s eyes.

    I believe everyone matters to Jesus/God Almighty, all races, gender, babies as well as young and old. I hope whomever stole this sign God punishes.

    I’m an angry, violated veteran/Christian.

Frances Bakken