Letter to the Editor: Going to college doesn’t mean you know it all

Submitted by James A. Urdahl
Crookston Times

    Isn’t higher education wonderful? It instills the belief that college graduates know all there is about life. How soon they forget that college only gives them the basics in whatever field they pursue. It only provides a start in life to face the unknown in the real world. When a person graduates from a higher learning institute they seem to be “brain-washed” into thinking they know it all, and everyone older is stupid!

    Anyone pursuing a career after college is only starting life on the ground floor with no outside experience no matter how much schooling they have had. It is very hard to get that thought into their heads. Most college graduates seem to have the idea that “I’m better then you because I went to college”. They look down on people. Ask them a “life” question and in all probability they would fail.

    Wake up!

    There are allot of people in the world that have more knowledge and vast amounts of life experiences then you will ever have. Just because a person is older then you does not mean they are all Alzheimer patients with an IQ of 75 compared to your IQ of 85.

    I ran into this exact scenario when I was told one thing by a person and a few days later I got into a discussion with another person about the same subject, arguing that I didn’t know what I was talking about concerning this situation. The second persons argument was not about the original subject no matter how hard I tried to explain what the first person said. The argument did not even arrive at a clarification of the question.

    When a business person “argues” with a customer that tells me that no matter how smart the business person thinks they are, or might be, they are seriously lacking “Public Relations Skills!”, also a lack of personality control.

    Seems like some people need to go back to school and attend a re-fresher course in Psychology or Business/Customer Relations. It might help to curb their attitudes. In some cases I doubt it.

James A. Urdahl

Beltrami, Minnesota