Letter: What would anti-gun activists do if a burglar entered their home?

Times Report
Crookston Times

      This letter is dedicated to all anti-gun activists.

    Lately all you hear on the TV news channels are the stories about people being shot. Drive-by shootings, etc. How many legal gun owners are causing these problems? My guess, almost zero. Most of the shootings nowadays are done by street gangs, drug dealers and others. All in possession of mostly stolen/illegal firearms. But who gets the blame? Legal gun owners, who are more interested in hunting, target practice, and competition shooting. Legal owners have more common sense then to get into a car and then drive around shooting people.

    Why don’t the anti-gun people go after the illegal gun owners and lave the leave gun-owners alone?

    Push to get rid of legal gun ownership? Then people will take a baseball bat to school instead of a gun. Eliminating guns will not end the violence in the United States or the world. A weapon is still a weapon and in the wrong hands it will cause serious injury or death. A gun is not needed to do damage, it is just a bit faster!

    Someday I hope that a burglar enters your house and all you have to defend your family is a frying pan because you pushed to get rid of firearms! You can watch your family members being abused or even killed. Won’t that be fun?

    Quick, call someone! Who are you going to call, 911? Grab your cell phone, if you get a chance! Then wait for the police to arrive five, 10 or 15 minutes after your call? A lot can happen in that time span. Even if you live next door to the police station it would still be at least a 5-10 minute response time. Would you still be alive when the police get there?

    If you were armed that house-breaker would be gone and your family would be safe before the police arrived. But, you do not want that, do you? You believe the police will handle any bad situation, that’s their job. They will make sure your family members will get to the hospital or the funeral home after they arrive, and then go hunt for the home invader.

James A. Urdahl

Beltrami, Minnesota