Letter: Line 3 doesn’t hurt the environment, it actually protects it

Submitted by Craig Larson
Crookston Times

    One aspect of the Line 3 pipeline project that is often overlooked is the fact that it will actually protect, not hurt, our environment.

    Like any part of our infrastructure that is more than 60 years old, the Line 3 pipeline is worn and in great need of repair. Left untouched, the likelihood of spills or incidents that would threaten our forests or rivers would be great.

    That is why it is so important that we update the Line 3 pipeline to ensure no future damage to our pristine environment is done.

    Enbridge prides itself on working with companies and workers who are committed to leaving the surroundings as good or even better than they were before construction.

    This pipeline project has undergone the most comprehensive and lengthy environmental study in Minnesota’s pipeline history – all to make sure that we could complete this project safely.

    Once this pipeline project is complete, the increased capacity will also allow us to take more oil off trucks and rails, effectively reducing the carbon emissions put off from transporting oil.

    The Line 3 pipeline project has far more benefits than negatives and will help protect our environment for generations to come.

Craig Larson

Lake George, Minnesota