Letter: Energy, activity is palpable as Line 3 work continues

Submitted by Dale Stainbrook
Crookston Times

    With more than 60 percent of the Line 3 pipeline replacement project already done, the economic vitality it has brought to Crookston and Northern Minnesota is already being felt.

    Construction began in December and to date, more than 5,500 workers have been hired. These good-paying jobs are a huge boost to a region that was hit hard by the pandemic with many put out of work. Additionally, we have the added benefit of out of towners joining our communities during their long-term work on the project.

    Our streets are humming again, and after a year indoors, we are all grateful to have so many more friendly faces in our towns thanks to the pipeline workers. These men and women are frequenting our restaurants and coffee shops before and after work. They are stopping by our gas stations and staying at our hotels. The energy is palpable and it’s all thanks to the Line 3 pipeline project.

    After a long six years of waiting, this project could not have come at a better time for Northern Minnesota, and we are so excited to see work start again so it can be completed.

Dale Stainbrook

Crookston mayor