Letter to the Editor: Line 3 pipeline is a threat to Minnesota

Submitted by Chuck Goyette
Crookston Times

    Soon, the Enbridge Line 3 pipeline construction will resume. I am firmly opposed to this corporate act of greed and plunder.

    Enbridge has a ghastly pipeline spill history. Enbridge promises safety but they have had over 800 spills, including 840,000 gallons into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan in 2010. Line 3 was also the largest inland spill in the U.S. on March 3, 1991 when 40,000 barrels (1,680,000 gallons) spilled near Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

    For typical spills, cleaning up spills is an inherently difficult task. For typical oil spills – oil spills into water – only a fraction of the spilled oil can be recovered by deploying booms, skimmers or with some other method.

    The Line 3 crosses over 200 waterways. New pipelines also spill. Line 3 carrying 760,000 barrels per day would pose a serious danger daily.

    For Native Americans, this Line 3 is another act of genocide. In violation of treaties, the new pipeline crosses through land where Native Americans have hunted, fished and gathered for centuries – land dotted with some of the cleanest lakes in the state, some of the richest-yielding wild rice waters, and the headwaters of the Mississippi. The U.S. government has a responsibility to honor the treaty rights guaranteed to tribal members in their treaties.

    There is a camp, the Red Lake Treaty Camp, near St. Hilaire, Minn. and an Enbridge pumping station. Those at the camp are in opposition to Line 3 and I support their care, respect and defense of Mother Earth/Nature. They oppose the abuse and destruction of the Land, Air and Water by Line 3 and assert their Treaty Rights.

    There is no failsafe method to transport oil and the planet can no longer afford to recklessly expand fossil fuel infrastructure with no regard for the long-term cumulative impacts to water, communities, commerce, the environment and our shared climate.

    Minnesota is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” Minnesota is water and we don’t need this dangerous pipeline – Line 3 – threatening our Homeland.

Chuck Goyette

Red Lake Falls, Minnesota