Letter to the Editor: Line 3 support strong

Times Report
Crookston Times

   Working through a government process can often be a challenge. It can take a lot of time and can be frustrating yet is an important way to move things forward.

    A lot of companies would have thrown in the towel after attempting to navigate six years of environmental review and dozens of permits for a pipeline project, but thankfully Enbridge endured and prevailed. Because of this, the Line 3 pipeline replacement project has been under construction since December and is more than half complete already. More than 5,400 workers have been hired and the boost to our economy and our communities is incredible.

    In 2020, a year that saw many businesses forced to cut hours or lay off workers, Enbridge spent nearly $25 million on folks who live or work in the great state of Minnesota. When you add in other operating and administrative spending, the number tops $85 million in our state last year alone. This is such an incredible investment into Minnesota families and businesses and certainly needs to be applauded.

    While the benefits of the Line 3 project are outstanding, the support for this project is through the roof. Last month, a poll showed that 80 percent of people believe that the project should be allowed to complete construction and a whopping 91 percent of folks said that this project has “been important to hotels, restaurants and small businesses in the area.”

    The proof has spoken, and here in Northern Minnesota, it is clear that the Line 3 project is welcomed and appreciated.

Stacy Halvorson

On behalf of Gonvick City Council

Gonvick, Minnesota