Letter: Who is discriminated against more than the white male?

James A. Urdahl, Beltrami, Minnesota

Have you noticed lately all the discrimination stories/emphasis on the national television news channels, i.e. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CNBC, CSPAN and others?

I have a question for you and your readers. Person “A” or Person “B.” Which one is a racist?

Person “A” = A white male flies a confederate flag in his yard to show his beliefs.

Person “B” = A black male flies the Black Lives Matter flag in his yard to show his beliefs.

Believe it or not, they both are! This answer is the honest truth even though most people refuse to except it.

To add to this acceptable or unacceptable letter, in my opinion, the most discriminated person on the planet is the “White Male.” Every problem in the world is blamed on the “White Male” according to women and other non-white races. Do I lie?

Look at the news headlines over the past few years. Black males are killed by police! The world goes crazy! Would the same uprisings/demonstrations happen if white males were killed by police under the same situations? I doubt it very seriously. Yes, I know that this methodology is not right. If they were white males the only people that care would be friends and family members, not the world. Would your neighbors, or half the cities population, run up and down the streets carrying signs, yelling hate slogans, smash windows, and assault other people because of it? Not likely. Only about 90% of other races think that this is the only way to voice their beliefs or show their bad attitudes toward others. “Follow my beliefs or die!”, “We are better then you, give us more!” Cult/racist thinking!