Letter to the Editor: Line 3 protesters are severely misguided

Submitted by Rusty Eichorn
Crookston Times

    A few months ago, I wrote about the Line 3 pipeline project and the incredible economic boost it is bringing to businesses like mine and towns like Grand Rapids. Now, I want to share a different angle of Line 3 and that is the negative side that comes to this important project.

    Like any hot topic issue these days, Line 3 is surrounding by strong supporters and loud opponents, and Grand Rapids is home to many protests and events against this project.

    These pipeline opponents argue to keep a 60-year-old pipeline active rather than fixing it to protect our environment. They shout about carbon emissions but oppose pipelines and would rather transport oil by train and truck which have far higher emissions. The protesters rant about potential oil spills, but support leaving Line 3 as is with its numerous vulnerabilities increasing possibility of future spills if not repaired.

    Facts are facts. Fixing Line 3 takes oil off our roads and rails, thus reducing potential accidents or derailments and protecting our communities and families. Replacing Line 3 will protect our environment by ensuring the crumbling pipeline no longer poses a threat to our lakes and streams.

    Line 3 protesters are severely misguided when it comes to their position against this pipeline replacement project, and I would encourage them to educate themselves on why this project is so greatly needed.

Rusty Eichorn

Glen’s Army & Navy Store

Grand Rapids, Minnesota