Letter: MnDOT’s vision for downtown Crookston doesn’t make a lot of sense

Submitted by James A. Urdahl
Crookston Times

    MnDOT is crying about our main city streets being 3 lanes wide, different than other cities.

    Look at the construction of Crookston compared to Fosston, Bagley and other area cities that only have 2 lane highways through them.

    Crookston constructed our buildings with the idea of the wider lanes. Other cities built their buildings closer together. They were limited to narrower streets.

    What is Crookston going to do? Tear down the buildings and rebuild them closer together to comply with DOT rules?

    Also complaints about the width of the sidewalks. Do they need to be 15-20 feet wide for compliance?

James A. Urdahl

Beltrami, Minnesota