Letter to the Editor: How about we highlight Line 3 supporters?

Submitted by Andrea Zupancich
Crookston Times

    While reading the news recently, I have seen more and more stories about the publicity stunts and antics of Line 3 pipeline protesters. They continue to block roads so that workers can’t get to their construction site, berate pipeline workers, and chain themselves to equipment to halt construction. Despite their efforts, in just four months, construction is more than 50 percent complete.

    I think it is beyond time to highlight those of us who support the Line 3 replacement project. Minnesotans for Line 3 is a grassroots organization made up of more than 100,000 individuals who back the need to update our energy infrastructure system and repair this 60-year-old pipeline. We have supporters in every one of Minnesota’s 87 counties.

    This project will take oil off our roads and rails, increasing safety for commuters and our communities. It will increase the capacity of this pipeline system, allowing for more oil to be transported by pipeline – the safest way to transport oil. It also has created thousands of jobs and benefited communities along the pipeline route.

    The benefits are being felt far and wide already, and groups like Minnesotans for Line 3 should be applauded for their efforts in being a collective voice for those of us who support Line 3.

Andrea Zupancich

Mayor of Babbit, Minnesota