Letter: If people knew more about Line 3, they’d be concerned about future

Submitted by Chuck Goyette
Crookston Times

    On March 6, 2021 on PBS Newshour the segment, “The Next Big Oil Pipeline Battle is Brewing over Line 3 in Minnesota” aired. Opinions/views of Enbridge spokesman, Mike Fernandez, were expressed and opinions and feelings of those opposing Line 3 – Winona LaDuke and Tara Houska, were also part of the eight-minute segment.

    I suggest/encourage all to go to the website and read the transcript or view the film. It’s objective and teaches much.

    We all need to care about the Land, Air and Water – Our Life-Givers. Anyone with children and/or grandchildren needs to be very concerned about their future and the future of all Life on Earth.

Chuck Goyette

Red Lake Falls, Minnesota