Letter: Whether you’re for Line 3 or against it, we can all show ‘Respect’

Submitted by Brian Holmer
Crookston Times

    I recently heard an interview on the radio with the Director of Line 3 Construction for Enbridge, and he shared a lot of good information that I think readers should know.

     First, the Line 3 Pipeline across Northern Minnesota is being replaced because it was determined that after 60 years, the pipeline is crumbling and left as-is could be dangerous to our environment and our towns. This is a safety and maintenance project that is crucial for the future of our state and region.

     Construction on the Line 3 replacement project started in December, and they are now a third of the way complete. I was excited to hear the progress that has been made and that there are currently 5,500 pipeline workers working on the project. What is even more impressive is how many are from local unions.

     Workers across all industries have been struggling because of the pandemic, but because of this project thousands of families are bringing home a paycheck once again. That is especially important as we endure the brutal Minnesota winter months.

     Not only are these workers back at it, but Minnesota communities throughout the pipeline route are seeing more traffic coming through their towns bringing a boom to businesses as well.

     I also loved the “Respect pledge” that was discussed at the end of the interview. Respect Minnesota has put forth a pledge that more than 4,000 individuals, workers and groups have signed on to. This pledge encourages us to listen and be inclusive, to respect others, the environment, and local communities. And to be accountable and abide by the law. I am proud to share that the City of Thief River Falls as well as our Chamber of Commerce have signed the pledge. It is important to us that we all work to come together in a more respectful manner, even when it comes to issues, we may disagree on like this pipeline project.

     I am hopeful more folks and groups, both those who support and oppose the pipeline, join us in pledging to respect each other and Respect Minnesota.

Brian Holmer

Mayor of Thief River Falls