Letter: Line 3 opponents need peaceful protest

Submitted by Dan Godin of Leonard

    Since it began on December 1st, 2020, construction on the Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline has made significant progress. Cities and towns along the route are booming, thousands of men and women are back to work, and we are really seeing the additional benefits in terms of investment and revenue.

    Unfortunately, as construction continues, so do protests by pipeline opponents.

    Two weekends ago, one protestor jumped into a trench putting himself and others in danger. The location of the incident is currently under construction and the trench had not yet been stabilized.  This created a real risk of it closing in on the protestor because the person was where he should not have been. Because of this hazardous situation, emergency responders were called to the scene to ensure the safety of the protestors.

    The dangerous actions of protestors mean’s that our hardworking emergency responders are now spending their time and energy on these avoidable situations instead of focusing their attention to those who truly are in danger.

    While it is fine to be against this project and disagree with its progress, I encourage all involved to remember to avoid putting themselves in dangerous situations. Even more important, everyone needs to remain respectful to the men and women working on this pipeline.

    I am grateful that many of the protestors are doing so in a safe and peaceful manner. Let’s hope the others fall in line so we can all stay safe, and anyone who needs emergency help can get it.

Mayor Dan Godin

Leonard, Minnesota