Letter: Enbridge put the work in, even before Line 3 construction started

Submitted by Kendra Johnson
Crookston Times

    Like any big project, it is important to talk to the communities, businesses, local leaders, and tribes that could be impacted. And that is exactly what has been done with the Line 3 replacement project.

    In 2015, the Army Corps of Engineers began consulting with the tribes in the region that could be impacted by this project. They have consulted with 39 tribes and recommended 15 locations to avoid, which Enbridge has been committed to fulfilling.

    In addition to communicating with the tribes, since 2015, Enbridge has conducted more than 70 public meetings to hear from the neighboring communities, local leaders and others. This project continues to highlight the importance of working with the public and addressing concerns as needed as we work to complete this project.

    We have come a long way since this pipeline was first built in the 1960s, and a lot of people have thoughts on the matter.

    I am grateful that Enbridge has been working with our communities as well as our state and federal agencies to ensure this pipeline is done properly and safely.

    The work has been put in on the front end, and now with construction underway, we need to let the work continue and for this crucial project to be completed.

Kendra Johnson

Deputy Clerk, City of Hallock