Letter to the Editor: Line 3 providing critical boost to hospitality industry

Submitted by Mike Totleben
Crookston Times

    At a time when much of the hospitality industry in Northern Minnesota usually slows down for the winter, things are different this year. This kind of change is really good.

    As construction for the Line 3 replacement project has started, thousands of workers have entered our community, our motels, hotels, and resorts, and are providing these businesses a much-needed boost.

    As the owner of a motel in Hallock, I am seeing the impact first hand.

    With tourism struggling in 2020 due to the pandemic, people who normally would have come up north for vacation stayed home, which led to a challenging year in our industry.

    Construction on the Line 3 replacement project has changed that.  This project is so important that it can help bridge the gap between now and when normal activity resumes post-pandemic.

    Other businesses in the community are experiencing what we are seeing. Restaurants, stores, and other small businesses have more customers, and this really means something right now.

    It’s great to see that 2021 already has a much better outlook than 2020. For those of you out there building Line 3, thank you for your hard work on such an important project, and thank you for the business you bring to our communities.

Mike Totleben

Hallock City Councilor

Proprietor of Gateway Motel

Hallock, Minnesota