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As low as $3 for 3 months

Letter to the Editor: Photos from Time deer hunting photo contest are very disturbing

Submitted by Chuck Goyette
Crookston Times

    Recently the Crookston Times/Hugo’s Deer Hunting Photo contest was completed and prizes given.

    The following needs to be said, a view shared I know by others.

    The deer hunting photos are very disturbing. Children as young as 10 and 11 years old sit near the deer they killed. Other photos have children with parents smiling and proud of the deer they killed.

    Children at such young ages know very little about life and its depth and have very little experience. They kill perhaps because it pleases the authority – their parents or grandparents.

    The biosphere (the part of the Earth and its atmosphere in which living organisms exist) is without a doubt dying. Due to human arrogance, abuse and neglect the Earth and so many of its creatures are in rapid decline.

    If there is any hope for today’s children and generations to come it’s crucial they are taught to respect the living world, be in awe, have a sense of wonder, use their imagination and acquire a love of nature, the creation.

    There’s way too much violence in America – encouraging gun use is not the answer!

    It would be great if the Times/Hugo’s next year had a contest that had photos of Nature’s Caregivers, those who do what they can to assist/protect/enjoy Nature.

Chuck Goyette

Red Lake Falls, Minnesota